Moleculomics have been developing novel Biosimulation tools for the pharmaceutical, defence and biotech sectors since 2012. The University spin-out company offer high throughput in silico tools for; protein structural modelling, ligand docking screening and identification of downstream protein-protein interaction networks.

The objective is to generate high value genome scale information to improve knowledge of interactions at a molecular scale. Benefits to the approach include:

  • A wealth of extremely valuable molecular knowledge which enables a paradigm shift from reliance on observing effects at cellular (in vitro) and animal (in vivo) level, to predicting effects based on an understanding of the whole system at the molecular level.
  • A reduction in both compound development time and costs through the ability to identify and prioritise efficacious compounds whilst simultaneously identifying toxic or adverse reactions to enable users to eliminate problem compounds sooner within the R&D cycle.
  • Substantially reduced lead times and lower screening costs compared to the equivalent in vitro process.
  • Consideration of the structural and functional differences of wild type, mutation and polymorphic variant phenotypes within organisms.
  • A reduced reliance upon animal testing.