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Moleculomics to develop cutting-edge expertise in Greater Montréal

Moleculomics, a company specializing in molecular research for the pharmaceutical, defence and biotech industries, announced the opening of its first North American facility in Greater Montréal.

Founded just four years ago in Wales, the U.K.-based company develops computing biosimulation (in silico modelling) tools and data platforms to improve knowledge of molecular interactions in new drugs and chemical compounds.

“Opening an R&D office in Montréal is a great growth opportunity for Moleculomics. Thanks to the support of Montréal International, we will generate six new jobs to assist the commercialization of our in silico screening services,” said Dr. Will Krawszik, Head of Operations and the Montréal office.

After working with high-profile clients such as Britain’s Ministry of Defence and Unilever, Moleculomics can now take advantage of everything Greater Montréal has to offer, including the strong synergy between academia and the local life sciences industry.

“In addition to being a short distance away from Boston and Toronto, two other life sciences hubs, Greater Montréal is the perfect bridge between North America and Europe,” added Dr. Jonathan Mullins, Founder and CEO of Moleculomics.

The specific expertise that this new player brings to the table will help strengthen the competitive position of Montréal’s LSHT cluster, which already boasts over 600 facilities and 40,000 jobs in internationally recognized areas of excellence such as cancer research, genetics, genomics and proteomics, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neuroscience and mental health, personalized health care, and aging.

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