Management Team

With offices in both the UK and North America, the Swansea headquartered company employs 8 people and has established itself as one of the leading commercial structural bioinformatics system teams.

Dr. Jonathan Mullins

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan has spent the last 15 years researching the structural and functional formation of proteins based upon their gene sequence. The tools and libraries generated by Jonathan’s research have supported world-leading research in unravelling the molecular phenotypes of several disorders, linking mutations to structural changes, mechanisms of disease and stratification of phenotypes. This research has been captured in over 40 journal publications since 2000.

Dr. Will Krawszik

Head of Operations

Will has gained considerable experience managing high technology projects which span industry and academia. With experience of working on a number of High Performance Computing projects, Will’s interests lie in business development and high throughput computing applied to the field of whole genome analysis.

Dr. John Walshe

Head of Computing

John has 20 years experience in computational modelling, database architecture and programming. With a broad science and engineering background and enthusism to problem solving, John has built an extensive IT experience involving a range of operating environments and programming languages which have been applied extensively in recent years to a number of High Performance Computing projects.




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